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Club Records
This page contains GTSC records for both long course and short course.  To qualify for a record, the swimmer must be a financial member representing GTSC or swimming in a higher representative capacity.  Records may be set at an SV approved meet or the GTSC championship.  Regular club meets do not qualify for club records as usually only two timekeepers are used on club nights. Records are automatically updated within the club's Team Manager database after each swim meet.
Whilst we attempt to collect swim meet times for every meet that our swimmers attend, occasionally swimmers may attend a swim meet while interstate, the host club may not be using Meet Manager to run the meet and/or swim meet times may not be made available by the host club. If you believe you have set a club record, you may nominate to have that record recognised using this form.  The time must have been swum at an approved swim meet (by the controlling body in that state) and you must be able to provide evidence of the swim.  If the meet results are available already in Meet Manager or Team Manager format, we can access that file to automatically update our records.  Otherwise, you will need to contact the host club for a printed copy of the official meet results.

Report                     Description

TM Records-LC
Long course club records
Records for long course only.
TM Records-SC
Short Course club records
Records for short course only. Includes records set at GTSC club championships.


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