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SV Meet Page

GTSC members are affiliated with Swimming Victoria and may compete in numerous other carnivals organised by host clubs.  These are where swimmers may take their swimming to the next level and match up against the best swimmers in the District or from further a field.  Good performances at SV approved meets can lead on the District team selection for inter-district competitions and ultimately State and National team representation.  GTSC encourages participation in certain targeted meets through the year where we can represent as a team and cheer on our friends in their races.  Targeted meets are usually District 15 (our SV district) hosted meets and a selection of others.  A calender of club target meets is posted on the notice board and is available in club newsletters.  SV also run several encouragement meets especially targeted at new swimmers each year.

SV Meets - Step By Step
Planning Ahead
The annual swim meets calendar may be found at the Swimming Victoria web site.  GTSC also publishes a meet calendar showing meets targeted by our club (meets in our region or other specific meets that we wish to target as a club).  Keep an eye out for what’s coming up and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get your entries in as the closing dates tend to sneak up quicker than you expect.

The first step is to get hold of a copy of the meet flyer published by the host club.  Again, these may be downloaded from the SV website (Event Calendar) or there are usually copies of upcoming meet flyers posted on the club noticeboard.  This contains all the information you need to enter the meet.  You should take particular note of the meet closing date and be sure to get your entries in early.  For SV meets you must enter using the SV meet entry form UNLESS entries are being managed through the club for club target meets, in which case use the club target meet entry form.  For further information on how to complete a SV entry form or club target meet entry form, don't hesitate to ask the coach or one of the committee members.

Club Target Meets
These are the short-listed meets that we as a club plan to target for the 2009-10 season  where we aim to get maximum representation from our competition swimmers.  Then, as well as competing as individual swimmers, we can also compete as a club against other clubs in the region.  This really fosters team spirit and encourages club swimmers to strive for their best.  Most of these meets are within District 15 or hosted by clubs close by.  The club ‘target meets’ are clearly shown on the club swim meet calendar so please plan ahead and make an effort to represent your club at these meets.
Where possible, the entries for ‘target meets’ will be managed centrally through the club.  There is a special club target meet entry form which is used for these meets.  Please see the coach if you are unsure of the correct process to follow.

Get Yourself Ready
Many believe a holistic approach is required to do well in sport. This involves not only getting your body ready but also getting your mind ready.  Providing your body with the right fuel (food & drink), committing yourself to the right level of training and planning your race are key. Check this resource to find out more about the right foods and drinks to consume before and during swimming events.
Prior to racing, mental preparation can involve visualising you achieving your goal, thinking positive thoughts and remaining calm and focused before & during the race.

In summary;
•    Discuss race strategy with your coach
•    Sleep enough
•    Eat well
•    Be Happy

What to Take
Be sure to have a checklist of all the stuff you need so that you won’t turn up without important items like bathers or goggles.  Pack plenty of towels and plan for gear failure (spare caps and goggles).  Plan your food intake through the day and try to follow that plan rather than gulp it all down after your first race!  Leave with plenty of time to get there and warm up.  A good warm up will go a long way towards settling down those race-day nerves.

Where to Sit
We try to sit together on meet days to provide maximum noise and encouragement to our club swimmers.  When you arrive, look for the GTSC banner or your team mates.

Check In
Get hold of the program and check off your events to be sure they are correct as mistakes do happen.  If you find a problem, see your coach or the appointed team manager.  At local club meets, the organisers are usually accommodating where possible to fix problems.

Warm Up
All meets will have time designated prior to the official starting time for warm up and you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this time to swim a few laps.  This helps your body stretch out and get ready to race as well as giving you a ‘feel’ for the pool and helping to settle nerves.  Check the meet flyer for the warm up time.

This is where all the training kicks in.  If you have prepared well you should feel confident in yourself and give it your best shot.

Results are usually posted (printed and placed on the notice board) as the events progress during the meet, typically 5-30 minutes after the event has been completed. Look for a group of people with pens and paper reading results and pointing at a wall somewhere central.  Results of most meets are also published on the SV web site within a few days of the meet.

SV Approved Meets
Most meets will be operated under the rules of SV meaning they will be designated as ‘approved meets’.  This means that times swum at those meets may be used to qualify for higher level representation. 

In order to qualify as an approved meet, host clubs require three timekeepers per lane.  Often your club will be rostered to perform timekeeping on the day so please step forward and help out in this area if you can.  If you haven’t done any timekeeping before, there will be plenty of people willing to show you how.  Volunteering to timekeep at our club meets is also a great way to learn this role.

Upcoming Meets


Swim Meet Results
Swimming Australia has released a new National Results Database which contains the results of all swimmers from swim meets across the nation. Go to the the database by clicking on the link above, enter your name and club and there are your results!

All SV approved meets will be posted on the 'Events' pages.

All District 15 meet results plus many other great resources may be found here.

Entry Forms
Use this form for all direct entries to SV meets.

For target meets which we coordinate entries through the club.  See the Competition Calender for the target meets.

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